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History teaching as a matter of war and peace? Introductory remarks to "Understanding and overcoming conflict"

Can history teaching make young people ready for war? – It would be difficult to answer this question on the basis of irrefutable evidence, but it seems reasonable to assume that textbooks and teacher narratives contribute to shape collective “perceptions and misperceptions” (Robert Jervis) relevant to issues of war and peace. Weiterlesen »

Understanding and overcoming conflict Concept and research questions of the international conference on history teaching and peacebuilding (18-21/3/2020)

Since the Interwar Period, history teaching is considered simultaneously an important source of international conflict and a means of overcoming it. Textbooks and history lessons undoubtedly play a vital role in the creation of mental maps and stereotypes. Other nations are constructed as enemies, rivals, partners, or even friends. This continues to be important even in the era of digital mass communication. Weiterlesen »

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