Understanding and overcoming conflict

General overview of all articles of the conference “Understanding and overcoming conflict” wich should have taken place in Bonn from 18th to 21st March 2020 but was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Histrhen will keep you informed. In the meantime you can read everything about the conference.

Alle veröffentlichten Artikel der Tagung “Understanding and overcoming conflict”, die vom 18. bis 21. März 2020 in Bonn hätte stattfinden sollen, aber wegen des Coronavirus abgesagt werden musste.

Histrhen hält Sie auf dem Laufenden. Bis dahin können Sie hier alles über die Tagung lesen:



Concept and research questions of the international conference on history teaching and peacebuilding (18-21/3/2020)

History teaching as a matter of war and peace? Introductory remarks to “Understanding and overcoming conflict”

Abstracts Section I – (What) can we learn from history? Peacebuilding, historical research and lieux de mémoire

Abstracts Section II – History teaching and textbooks in Central and Western Europe

Abstracts Section III – History teaching and textbooks in Southeast and Eastern Europe

Abstracts Section IV – History teaching and textbooks in Africa and Asia

Abstracts Section V – Digital approaches in the context of peacebuilding and history teaching